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AMAZING Date: Aug 11th @ 12:17am EDT
My Modified OhMiBod Date: May 29th @ 10:21pm EDT
So when I purchased the OhMIBod I was beyond disappointed. Before I get into that I should tell you that I need an extremely powerful vibrator to make my pussy cum. Alright so as I was saying I was unhappy with the strength of this vibrator. I put it back in the box and forgot about it until a few months ago. I asked a friend who is an electrician if he could make it vibrate harder and SCORE!!!!! My OhMiBod now is an enjoyable toy and without a doubt makes me cum!! So if you feel compelled to wander into my room I ALWAYS have it on and ready.
WOW!! Thank you Date: May 19th @ 8:26pm EDT
For the past 55 days I have been working non-stop, determined to make a place for myself in this industry. The beginning of this week has been incredible and continues to only get better. I was random winner for the Female Flirt of the Day and then was ranked in the top 4 and won the Workout-Aholic contest. This contest also happens to be my very First big contest! I can't thank you guys enough for participating and always making my time online fun!

To all that made yesterday possible and continue to make it all possible I LOVE YOU!! Thank you! Now let's win some more contests! Its kickin ass time!! By the way theres no days off for me until June 21st, so lets see what we can accomplish together!
NE14un Date: May 7th @ 5:38pm EDT
OMG!!!! Thank you so much for being my top tipper of the week and winning a 10 minute private at 10CPM!!!! NE14un you are amazing!!
Camiversary!!! Date: Apr 25th @ 2:55pm EDT
On April 30th it'll be my 4 year Camiversary!!! So prepare yourselves!! There will be raffles starting on April 27 with a live drawing on April 30th. I'll be playing trivia games and naughty games where everyone can win! Turn me into your dessert with chocolate, strawberry & caramel sauce, whip cream & of course some cherries!! Come hang out with me all day on Saturday April 30, 2016! Help me celebrate 4 years on Flirt4Free!
Goal & Dreams Date: Apr 9th @ 12:09pm EDT
We all have goals, dreams, hopes, wishes, aspirations or whatever you'd like to call them. Well, yesterday I was given the opportunity to remember what mine are and how close I am to achieving them. I have a few GOALS that I MUST accomplish by June 21, 2016. They are not going to be easy but I know that I can achieve anything I put my mind to. I have been struggling to move forward, but lately I have noticed that the GOALS I have set for myself are within my reach. No longer are my feet planted in the same spot! I am moving forward and at a rapid pace! I have all of my fans to thank and so THANK YOU!!!

In order to achieve my GOALS I will be working everyday come HELL or HIGH WATER, RAIN or SHINE NO MATTER WHAT! That's 74 days straight I will be working towards making my DREAMS a REALITY!

So. PLEASE stop by say hi and with a little help from all of you I am CONFIDENT that I will SURPASS my GOAL. When that day arrives well before JUNE 21, 2016 & my GOAL is met I will continue to WORK & THANK all of my FANS that contributed with a HUGE & I mean GIGANTIC SURPRISE!

Let's do this!!! GO TEAM!

Much Love,
Blake xxoo
Deals of April!! Date: Apr 7th @ 4:33pm EDT
Here is my goal for the month of April.....Please Please help me reach it! I need you to make an account here Flirt4Free and spend 10 minutes a day with me in private! As an extra bonus you'll get access to my Fan Club for 3 months. There are photos, vids and lots of cool things that come along with it. I also have a wish list on Amazon that I need emptied by the end of this week!!! If you purchase 4 items, the second that the list is cleared you'll get my first ever BoyGirl vid, POV BJ vid & a 10 min Solo vid! The wish list can be found on my twitter or here is a link https://amzn.com/w/3OMN4X0CF66CO Any contributions are greatly appreciated! I'd like to do 15 10 minute privates a day!! Don't forget that I'm logged in at 60 CPM now instead of 120!!
60 CPM Date: Apr 1st @ 11:56am EDT
So I've decided that I'd like to meet more of my amazing fans and give everyone a chance to hang out and play with me in private chat!

Therefore, for the next month I'll be logging in at 60 CPM. My goal is to to 20-30 10 minute shows each day. So as an extra incentive to meet my goal anyone that does a 10 minute show within the month of April will gain access to my Fan Club for 3 months! Yes, you read this correctly & NO NO NO its NOT an April Fools joke!
I've been making new videos and will be uploading 1-2 vids each day to my Fan Club. So you don't want to miss out!

Ok, so to recap...the entire month of April I'll be logging in at 60 CPM. Anyone that does a 10 min show will gain access to my Fan Club for 3 months. I'll be working 6 possibly 7 days a week the entire month! I may need a few days to recoup....but nymphos don't really need to recoup..right?! lol

Please login and come help me meet my goal of 20-30 10 minute shows each day. In return you'll get 100% unfiltered Blake M Parker & access to my Fan Club for 3 months!

Much Love,
Blake xxoo
Loving Life Date: Mar 17th @ 11:52am EDT
I'm thinking that the older I get the more I realize that life is just truly AMAZING!! Why is it that while we are growing up we forget that little bit of super duper important information. Thankfully it comes rushing back to us like white water rapids as we move forward in life. Be happy with what you have because you have more than you need at all times. It lies within, not tangible, but you can feel it fighting for you at your very darkest hour. It seems scary the first time you let out your inner beast but once you embrace the things you probably have tried to hide about yourself your entire life, theres nothing you can't do! UNSTOPPABLE SUCCESS LOVE PEACE HAPPINESS BEAUTY This is what we are!

From here on out!!!! This is me and I'm not changing! In my work life I'm Blake M Parker seductive, sultry, dominating, humiliatrix, sex goddess, naughty whore and the list goes on and on! I am great at what I do and you will see the confidence and power seep thru my veins. I'll steal the control you have in your normal life and remind you of your place: on your knees at my feet doing everything in your power to make me happy.

I'm Blake M Parker seductive, sultry, funny, positive, loving, nurturing, nerdy, sex goddess, daddys faithful whore and this list too goes on and on!

Much Love,
Blake XXOO
Webcam Veteran Date: Feb 10th @ 2:23pm EST

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